segunda-feira, 4 de maio de 2015


One more call at 3am
You just can't stop saying how much you were wrong
How crazy things just got on and on
And I'll just nod my head even though you couldn't see

In my room I've sobbed as a child
Thinking about how much I was happy surrounded by you
Oh my love, how much it hurts
It hurts because I realized these thoughts are actually a lie lie lie

Years passed by and now I'm able to tell you between these lines
Your spell won't affect me anymore
I don't spend my nights waiting for your signs or calls
You've got me in chains, but I've broken it myself

One more call to say the same wrecking things
Isn't she enough for your fairy tail?
I'm the only one who can save you from yourself
Toodeloo, toodeloo mon amour.