segunda-feira, 6 de janeiro de 2014


Quietly on the couch I watch you play with your guitar
Things comes and goes in my head, as a puzzle that I haven't done
Would you please guide me here?

I get up on my feet, I feel your song
Everything has been built

I move my legs in smooth steps
As a little girl dancing for her dad
I can go
So far away
You took my soul

Everywhere I turn around
You don't know, but I already drew a story of two
With our song all along the room
Life it's been a such surprise
Everytime that I look back, I realize about of you

One day, two ways, one road
Everywhere I go I see all the flowers around me
But nothing as you, nothing as you
I ain't gotta let you go...

Somethings you can't go back
to cause you let them slip away
With a ten years gap
But you always know where you can find me..