quarta-feira, 26 de fevereiro de 2014

drunk flow

I couldn't sleep that night
picked up my phone to let you know I still think about us
I know you are with someone else
but I'm a little drunk calling you
talking about us

might've been a mistake
might've been my lonely soul
Might've been the memories
might be, but babe I dont know

I wrote a song to suffocate my desire
But baby, the melody of your name still play in my mind
I drive home with tears rolling of my eyes
Baby baby please be mine

I've heard about your new home
your large smile with her
How did you get over it so easily?
But I know, we aren't done

memories sneak on me
just tell me I mean something to you
I cry all the time when you show up on my mind
Babe please be mine

might've been a mistake
I take my phone on the middle of the night
might've been my drunk mind
But I know, you're gonna be mine